Consequences of Creativity: Interview with Jordan Fowler

A new blog series, Consequences of Creativity, seeks to provide the viewer with an intimate look at the studio and processes of emerging artists. Stay tuned to  Consequences of Creativty for quality interviews, images, and insights.

The Consequences of Creativity

“[My sculptures] are just exercises in form…the idea of a hidden nucleus is ever-present.”

Since it’s often difficult to simply take a sculpture home and display it in your living room along side your IKEA lamp and floral tapestry, it seems to be a medium that frequently flies under the radar. This is an incredible shame because there are people such as Jordan Fowler, recent College of Charleston graduate in Studio Art and Computing in the Arts, lurking in the background pumping out beautiful sculptures ready for your eyes. 

Here’s your chance to peek into the mind of Jordan and see what he’s been up to…

DSC_0441 The College of Charleston sculpture studio.

An important thing that you have to do as a practicing artist is continuously respond to call-for-artists. Public art can be intimidating for some people, but for Jordan, “the public ones are really enticing.” We asked him what the…

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