The Consumer Stone Series

Consumer Stones are an abstract arrangement of the literal shapes of our consumerism. This series of sculptures re-purposes the negative spaces of extruded polystyrene packaging. The stones become a conglomerate of the shapes of consumer goods that they were originally  packed and shipped in. These conglomerates are cast in white cement and stained with acrylics paints. The process of creating a Consumer Stone is strange in that the exact look of the pieces aren’t known until they can be removed from the mold structure containing the arranged polystyrene pieces. Some of the stones have been anchored to serve as wall pieces, and others free standing sculptures.

North Charleston Arts Festival: National Outdoor Sculpture Competition and Exhibition 2017 – 2018

This years North Charleston Arts Festival Sculpture Competition chose Jordan’s piece Conductor for display for the 2017 – 2018 exhibit. Located in the same spot as last years piece, Conductor is a tall steel abstract form of geometric planes and lines. The glossy white surface is divided by rusty lines and trails that outline the form and corrode back into the planes. The 12th annual exhibit also shows the works of a dozen other sculptors around the Riverfront Park.


#LOVEaLOCAL: The Return of the Cooper River Kraken


Lowcountry Local First, Charleston’s favorite non profit is celebrating it’s ten year anniversary with an art installation spanning the entire community. Located at local businesses throughout the Charleston area, large three dimensional letters stand adorned with work by local artists.

Jordan along with Danielle Lewis received the letter “O” and wrapped it with a massive foam octopus. The octopus idea is based off of a painting made by Jordan several years ago – “Cooper River Kraken” which depicts the octopus hanging on  a local bridge. The piece was created by building a lightweight armature and securing it to the letter. It took almost 40 cans of expansion foam to bring the octopus to life.


Live5 News featured the story live and on their website. Other artists involved in the project: Nick Jenkins, Bethany Summers, Lydia Campbell, Arianna King Comer, Marcus Amaker, Charlitown Prints, Lowcountry Local First, Fletcher Williams, Kristen Solecki. More information can be found on the Lowcountry Local First website.

Barktown Atlanta: Front Desk Sign

Located in Norcross Georgia, Barktown Atlanta is a new 15,000 sq ft climate controlled building offering premium dog daycare, boarding, grooming and boutique. The owner was looking for a large three dimensional sign incorporating the company logo. Jordan along with Danielle Lewis split the design into layers and used a newly purchased laser cutter to build a city scape in the background of the image. The sign was built in sections for transportation and reconstructed on site. The final design is backlit with programmable LEDs.

Consequences of Creativity: Interview with Jordan Fowler

A new blog series, Consequences of Creativity, seeks to provide the viewer with an intimate look at the studio and processes of emerging artists. Stay tuned to  Consequences of Creativty for quality interviews, images, and insights.

The Consequences of Creativity

“[My sculptures] are just exercises in form…the idea of a hidden nucleus is ever-present.”

Since it’s often difficult to simply take a sculpture home and display it in your living room along side your IKEA lamp and floral tapestry, it seems to be a medium that frequently flies under the radar. This is an incredible shame because there are people such as Jordan Fowler, recent College of Charleston graduate in Studio Art and Computing in the Arts, lurking in the background pumping out beautiful sculptures ready for your eyes. 

Here’s your chance to peek into the mind of Jordan and see what he’s been up to…

DSC_0441 The College of Charleston sculpture studio.

An important thing that you have to do as a practicing artist is continuously respond to call-for-artists. Public art can be intimidating for some people, but for Jordan, “the public ones are really enticing.” We asked him what the…

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North Charleston Arts Festival: National Outdoor Sculpture Competition and Exhibition

The North Charleston Riverfront Park in North Charleston, SC is set on the banks of the beautiful Cooper River. Various artists from across the nation applied to the annual competition; Twelve sculptures were selected by the juror, James Davis. Jordan Fowler’s most recent sculpture titled Undulation was among those selected.

Undulation stands roughly 10′ and consists of alternating layers of rust and paint over the surface of twisting steel, welded along its seams. Undulation

More information about the Riverfront Park Competition as well as images of the other works on display can be found here.

North Charleston Riverfront Park
1001 Everglades Avenue, North Charleston, SC 29405
Viewing times: April 29, 2016 – March 22, 2017, public park open daily
Free admission & parking

Charleston Supported Art: Fall Season Sale

csa_logo_webCSA’s Fall season collection is for sale. Jordan’s work is featured with three other Charleston artists: Nina Garner, Lisa Shimko, Alex Waggoner.

More information about CSA and purchasing a season can be found at CSA’s site –

Jordan designed and fabricated three designs, each roughly 12 inches in height, made of steel and plated in copper. They are completely abstract and inspired by the behavior of electrons.

trio 1